What's Your Current Financial Health?

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When you know where you're at with your finances, then you can easily apply the right strategies to help you get where you want to be.

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Do you just make the minimum payments on your credit cards?

Do you try to “surf” credit cards by transferring balances to others with better rates?

Have you ever paid one credit card with a “cash advance” from another card?

Do you have any credit card balances that carry over from month to month?

Have you opened any new credit cards in the past year?

Have you missed a payment on any credit card or loan within the past six months?

Have any creditors call you at home to demand payment within the past year?

Have any of your utilities ever been turned off due to lack of payment?

Are your finances causing problems in your relationships?

Do you ever lose sleep over money concerns?

When you pay your bills or think about your debts, do you ever have anxiety?

Do you have a car payment(s)?

Do you have any student loans, personal loans, etc.?

Do you have more than five years left on your mortgage?

Have you ever taken a home-equity loan in order to buy things or pay off debt?

Have you ever refinanced your mortgage to purchase other things or pay off debt?

Have you ever applied for a store credit card because they offered you a discount on your initial purchase?

Do you essentially live paycheck to paycheck with no real chance to save or invest?

Have you ever filed for bankruptcy or had a tax lien or a negative court judgment filed against you?

Have you ever considered taking a second job to make ends meet?

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