At Palma Bella, we know that you can attend all the financial management courses in the world, but the effects won't last if you don't have premier literature to support what you learn. Therefore, even though we offer live financial seminars and finance courses online, we have the following sources of knowledge you can turn to at any time. Check out our premier financial guidebooks and invest in your future today. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time!

7 Steps to Real Estate Riches

7 Steps Book7 Steps to Real Estate Riches

Building wealth with real estate is a dream that anyone can realize.  The key to success is a simple and methodical approach.  Troy Peterson outlines his simple and proven system that anyone can follow.  By following these steps you can avoid spending thousands on overpriced coaching programs and generate limitless income with real estate.  This book is the only tool you need to understand that real estate investing is simple.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom book coverFinancial Freedom

Financial Freedom is your road map to achieving a lifetime of wealth.  You will the strategies to increase your income, eliminate your debt, and build wealth to achieve the abundant life promised to you by God.  Stop living in lack and just getting by pay check to pay check.  Start using these strategies and change your live today and establish a new future.

Investing in Tax Liens & Deeds

Cover (1)Investing in Tax Liens and Deeds

Are you looking for new opportunities to expand your portfolio?  Are you just not satisfied with your returns on your 401K or Roth accounts?  Inside these pages is a complete investors guide on how to Invest in Tax Liens and Deeds.  Don't wait!  Start earning 16 to 30% annually on your investments.

Journey to Havilah

Journey to HavilahJourney to Havilah

Money!  Man has made it out to be the single most powerful force on this earth.  Jesus knew that money had this power over man.  That is what He was addressing when he said, “You cannot serve God and Mammon.”  Of course, that statement has been perverted by the enemy and twisted into a lie that strips God’s people of the ability to ever control the power of money.

The battle lines have been drawn.  The fate of our nations are sealed, and God is preparing His people to receive the greatest transference of wealth that has taken pace since the days of Joseph.  The time is Now! It is time for you to take control of your finances and learn to reign in God’s Kingdom economy.