Client Testimonials

unnamedUp to this point in my life, being brought up in a conservative and fundamental environment, I believed that pursuing wealth and success was characteristic of selfishness.  I believed that it was more honorable to strive to live a life of simple means.  So when I said I just wanted to get by, Troy, very emphatically, set me straight.  He responded by telling me pointedly that “just getting by” was not what God desired or intended for His people.  He further explained that if our purpose is just to live from day to day, then we are caught up in a cycle of working to eat, drink, and sleep so we’ll have the means to work so we can eat, drink, and sleep.  God intends for us to prosper so we have the means and ability to go to where He calls us to carry out His work, and one must have the resources to be able to do that. Now, I own an agency with American Family Insurance.  The journey has been an extremely difficult one, but one I would have no other way.  My purpose in life is much greater than my own personal gain and/or success, but I believe that success will come to allow me to grow, and go, as God intends.  I believe it is God who provides all that I need, and I recognize that were it not for giving me the relationship I have with Troy, I would not be where I am now.

Jim SimpsonAgent/Agency Owner of American Family Insurance

I have wanted to change my financial situation so that I won't be worried about constantly working to make ends meet and I would have more time and resource to help other people. Then I decided to sign up for Troy's Mentoring program.  In the last year, I learned a lot from many RE business experts.  My mentor, Troy Peterson, has given me months of  thorough training  and heavy support. The training was focused on acquiring the REO properties, getting funding, renovation and putting them into the market. The information was very useful, and the experience was very practical and they were exactly what I needed. Thus far, I have purchased several properties, renovated and sold some of them. I started from somebody who did not know anything about the real estate business to the person of today who is actively doing this business full-time.  The income is much better than my previous business and more importantly, I'm using the top-notch, superior, business system that I couldn't dream of before. My mentor, Troy Peterson, is very knowledgeable and experienced, supportive and passionate.  I can tell anyone that with the help from people like Troy and your own hard work, your success is guaranteed!

Charles Lee

Let me also write the feedback/testimonial that I promised you long ago.

"I have started my one-on-one mentoring program in August and was shown the required skills in finding and negotiating great deals. I closed on an excellent property in December at $110K below asking price and $140K below current assessed value. I have multiple exit strategies and am sure to get a great profit. I didn't know how to approach negotiating and get great deals at a big discount but now I do. Thank you for showing me the way!"

Matthew Wassermann

Well, where do I begin!

Two and a half years ago I was fortunate to meet Troy Peterson. I was struggling to understand my new venture of real estate investing. I had spent in excess of one hundred thousand dollars on real estate training and mentorships to no avail. I was recommended to Troy by an associate, and the rest is history. Troy taught me the fundamentals of real estate investing in my local areas and gave me the confidence necessary to succeed. Through Troy’s mentoring and most of all friendship, I have left the non rewarding life of a Flower shop owner in the past. Mr. Peterson has given me the encouragement to reach for the stars and has embedded in me that failure is not an option. Through troy’s guidance I have turned my real estate investing business completely around and now operate a successful office in beautiful Henderson Nevada. Troy has encouraged me to help others starting off in real estate investing which has also developed into a successful consulting and rehab business. But most of all, Troy has not been just a mentor; he has become a true family friend!

“Thank you Troy for being there and

Teaching me that giving up is not an option”

Robert VargasDesert Oasis Partners LLC Las Vegas, NV

Dear Troy Peterson,

My parents & I want to thank you again for sharing your vast knowledge of the Real Estate Industry. Your expert tutelage was delivered with the clarity and simplicity of a Second Grade Teacher as you uncorked an avalanche of real world, Real Estate Investing experience and strategies on us.

Now, as a direct result of your leadership skills and the demanding pace that was required under your direction, Your Three Day Mentor-ship Program has laid the foundation for our financial freedom and success. I believe the knowledge we acquired and the confidence we gained during the Three Day Mentor-ship Program has provided us the keys necessary to unlock our confines to financial freedom and success which is limited only by our abilities to THINK BIG.

With all the respect and love due to a true master.              

Kent GreenCK Realty, Whittier CA

A company like this offers so much insight because of it's leaders. I feel honored to work alongside such a knowledgable bunch of cool people willing to share their talents and skills.

Jose Miguel Vasquez

Troy is an honest upbeat AND accomplished businessman!

Rachael Gagliardi

Details of the Recommendation: "As My Mentor, Troy Peterson provided me with a level of real world experience and self confidence that only a master of mentoring can do. Troy has the ability to deliver knowledge by the truck load, surety by the pallet, and details by the pound, in a very succinct way that allows the human mind to adsorb, process, and retain the information so generously provided by one of the finest human beings I have met.

I have only given two recommendations in my 51 years of life, and I can assure you that I have not overstated the facts.

Thanks Troy for all you have given my family and I.


Kent Green CK RealtyLLC Commercial Quick Loans Green Geological" Service Category: Career Coach Year first hired: 2009 Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Troy really wants me to succeed and he approach is professional.  Troy is helping learn this business and so far has directed me in the right direction.

Edie S SF Bay, CA

Hey Troy, I’ve been on vacation for the past two weeks… Sharing my profits from Real Estate Investing with my wife and kids at Disneyland and Oregon, where I put a down payment on an airplane my friend has for sale. The friend is offered to sell me the airplane for $110,000.  I am so confident I can turn more houses that I challenged myself to pay it off in one year.

My daughter just loves the airplane.  I just need to get more hours before the insurance company will insure me in this high performance plane.

Also attached are some pictures, as promised, of me and my first check for $67,624.47.  Recall, I purchased my first investment property from a wholesaler who offered a hard money loan for 85% of $107,900 that I fixed and flipped for $175,000.  My down payment was from a consolidation loan I got and I used my credit cards for repairs.  Close to Close was 3.5 months and my profit was about $30,000.

I am working on my friends to provide some private money for my future investments, of which I have been offered from $50k to $150k, just because I proved to them I can do this and make money doing it.

Scott T. Phoenix AZ

I'm writing to thank you for the excellent training you gave us. Even though I'm a complete novice, your enthusiasm for the field was truly contagious and reassured me enough to go into this seriously. Your generosity of spirit and sincerity inspired all of us. I personally appreciated all your advice. As teacher and trainer myself (for various professionals) I admired your skillful, professional manner in the way you presented some truly daunting principles and strategies for us to implement. Thank you for the wonderful way you motivate, inspire, encourage and empower! Wishing you continuous, ever-increasing powerful blessings in all your personal and professional endeavors,

Maria V. Philadelphia, PA

Hi Troy, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your coaching.

You're very patient with all of my questions that are not always smart because I'm a beginner in RE.  You gave me detailed instructions, shaped up my way of thinking to have a right attitude of a RE investor, I used to think about doing business in the emotional way which prevented me from moving forward.  Every hour of coaching is packed with practical, useful strategies.  I found one hour talking to you is worth more than  reading content of a book because all your answers, your advices are for real case scenarios.

I also watched your webinars, and I am so impressed by their contents.  They showed that you have deep and firm understanding about the topics.  These webinars are giving me real facts, and useful knowledge that can be applied in real world. They are not mere theories, the information you presented are concise and practical.

Being your student, I really appreciate all the hours you spent coaching me.  For me, you are the coach that beginning investors ever need to start right, and I do wish you could be my coach for many, many years to come in my new path towards achieving financial freedom in RE Investment.

Thank you very much for your great coaching.  Your student,

Oanh P.Dallas, TX

I attended the weekend seminar in West Palm Beach, as you so kindly scheduled me. The instructors performed in an outstanding manner. They were professional, personable, very knowledgeable and excellent representatives. As a person who has been a workshop presenter both in the US and internationally for many years (I taught my first class in 1948 and my last one in 2003), I believe I am qualified to evaluate workshops. This workshop experience was great from this student's observations and I wanted to share this with you. Sincerely and Thanks!

William B. (Bill) Young, Ph.D.

Last year I started my mentor-ship program in an attempt to learn the business of investing in foreclosed properties. As a Canadian citizen, I wanted to become familiar with lucrative opportunities in the United States where foreclosures were hitting an all-time high. My mentor, Troy Peterson, trained and supported me for months, teaching me the ins and outs of real estate investing. Troy also directed me to the right people and taught me exactly what information to look for -- he has been a great contributor to my success.

Thus far, I have purchased multiple properties, fixed, and flipped them. I am continuing to expand my business in order to purchase more expensive houses with higher profit margins. I owe much of my success to my wonderful team and to my guiding light, Troy Peterson. Thank you!

Tony B.Toronto, Canada

What can we say you are awesome. You're very knowledgeable and no holds barred, you tell us what we need to know to be successful. Thanks to you Our confidence is beyond the roof in reaching all the success that is truly there for the taking. Congrats to U for outstanding coaches like you. Stay great and prosper endlessly.

Jeff & Luz Tacoma, WA

Troy Peterson is a gifted and knowledgeable mentor.  He was understanding and respectful of me as a woman.  He did not placate me, but introduced logic into my emotions, which helped me to move forward as an investor.  I believe I can attribute much of my success to his guidance and leadership.  His positive attitude, organization, expertise, and knowledge base, helped me become more confident and successful in a business that was a new and different paradigm.

Troy’s temperament and positive thinking have been most valuable.

He lead a group of us with a mentorship in Phoenix, AZ.  He gave us a variety of experiences including bidding in an auction, as well as a team that we could trust and work with successfully.  If I were going to go deep sea fishing, I would want a guide.  The same is true with Real Estate investing and having a mentorship.  There is much to learn and experience.  I could always count on his responding to my emails or phone messages within 24 hours or at the very least, letting me know when he would be available.  I feel empowered and can move forward with confidence.  Troy has taught me not to worry and to accept the changes that do occur in the real estate market.  I have learned how to research and analyze property, bid in an auction, work with contractors, the importance of relationships, faith, and a positive attitude in this business.

Paula Levand

After 20 years service in the human service field,  I was laid off from my position as Director of Education and Training.  A month or so after the shock wore off, I started to research the possibility of a career in Real Estate. Three months after my lay off I started my own Real Estate Investment Company.  During the first 18 months I have purchased, rehabbed and sold two properties, a third was just listed for sale and I am actively looking for two more properties to purchase.   Without the support of Troy Peterson,  my consultant, mentor and guide,  I would not be where I am today.   From finding deals, to making offers to closing, Troy has been available every step of the way to provide practical step by step advice on how to be successful.

Cheryl CollinsRhode Island

I worked with Troy in two 3-day field mentorship, one in Orland, Florida, one in Phoenix, Arizona. Troy was very knowledgeable in real estate investment. He knew the national real estate trends as well as the local markets, especially the three hot markets in the United States in 2010. After his coaching, I bought 2 houses in Phoenix for myself and I am working on the third one. I also helped my friends buying 2 houses in Phoenix, 2 houses in Orlando and 1 house in Las Vegas within 6 months. All these properties have good cash flow. The return on investment is ranging from 12-18% without even considering the appreciation potential. The property research method Troy taught me will benefit me years to come.

Lin YongToronto CA

Dear Troy:

How are you? Haven't talked to you for a while.

My status update for 2010:
- flipped 4 properties - profit over $200,000.
- 2 houses (one 2/1, one 3/1 rent total $3,600/month)
- 1 apartment (distressed 13 units, currently in clean-up the property, tenants, and on-site property manager while collecting 50% of the full rent). Net income (after debit) will be $3,100/month (targeting April 2011)
- 1 mobile home park (32 spaces, 7 cabins, 40% vacancy, net income $1,500/month) Net income will be $8,300/month at 10% vacancy (targeting June 2011). Interviewing new park manager now.
- 1 property (house) under development. Scheduled to complete and put on market end of June 2011. Next profit will depend on the market. (I take picture almost everyday. I will put them together and do a slide show after it is completed. I am learning the process of building a house. Will put an SOP as a reference for my future development)
- 1 short sale property under bank's review
- I keep before and after pictures for the properties I flipped.
- Private money: Got one investor on board for 50/50 profit sharing and have closed one deal. Another investor is waiting. This one I plan start with interest first..
- I am working on my portfolio for my next development (to get a bank loan. it is much cheaper.)
- Fewer and fewer good REO deals. Still some good deals for short sale but need to wait for long time

Thank you for teaching and guiding me through the process. You are always my mentor whom I can get advice from and share my story with.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Suh-Chiueh Lee East Palo Alto, CA

Troy is a great teacher and have guided me through the inner workings of real estate.  I literally knew nothing about real estate before meeting him, but after going through his training I had my first deal done within a month.  His integrity is second to none and I appreciate every bit of the knowledge that he has given me.  Troy has become a great friend for many years to come.

Jeff Lee

“As a mentor Troy delivers exceptional training in real estate investing. The in depth knowledge and creative approach to investing that he shares with his students is invaluable. Troy is trustworthy individual dedicated to the success of others.” February 24, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Robert Farina Long Island NY

Troy was a terrific coach. He pushed me to excel and supportive of my efforts. He helped me jump start my business. I would give Troy my wholehearted recommendation to anyone who wishes to succeed.  February 23, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Charles OliverIrvine, CA

Troy is someone that I have found to go that extra mile in whatever he does for you. He is patient and caring and very very knowledgeable. He is professional in his work ethics but very personable in his way of relating to you. He has exacting standards and high personal core values. As you can see I highly recommend Troy P.

February 21, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Janice RobinsonOrlando, FL

Troy is mentoring my husband and I to help us get our real estate investing venture off the ground. His knowledge and expertise has been invaluable to our success. We would highly recommend working with Troy Peterson, as it has been and continues to be a very enjoyable and eye-opening experience. We constantly learn creative strategies and concepts that provide us with so many opportunities in our real estate investing business.

February 21, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Gina KlineMurrieta, CA

Troy to bring you up to speed.  I bought this for $6000.00 in a tax sale.  Put $0 into it, hell I didn't even insure it.  Commercial property 1.9 acres with half a brick school on it, 7000 sq. ft.  I sold it to a church under contract for $75,000.00 @ 8.94% interest.  $600.00 a month for 20 years.  They have turned it into a restaurant.  It re-assessed by the county this year for $232,000.00.

I know that maybe I should have thought about it, but I laughed at the banker and told him no.  Bring that figure up to $70,000.00 and I will think about it.  He said goodbye.

If I wanted $51,000.00 for it I would have sold it for that to start with.  Let me see, what is the cap rate on that property?  I owe $0, I have $0 in bills on it, it costs $0 a month.  That brings the total cost annually to um, let me see, oh ya, $0 a year. I got my $6000.00 back in March from rent.   Income is $7200.00 a year. For the next 18.7 years.  I'm not sure but I think I am getting a decent return on my investment.

Troy Peterson is an excellent instructor, professional speaker and consultant with sales ability demonstrated in a scheduled three-day seminar class environment. He is well-versed in various topics as well as motivational programs. I personally worked with him on advanced education e-learning topics for the ever-growing real estate industry. He would be a terrific asset to any organization. 

Janet P. Hosie